描述 鑫利龙电脑切带机具有多项优势特点:相比其他厂家机械我们研发生产时间达几十年,经验不断增加的同时引进国外先进技术而后再做升级。机械材料各部件都严格把关;本机采用微电脑数控装置,设定切带长度,产量。 机器采用微电脑控制,切刀附加有加热功能,能够加热固结,切口美观不会产生毛边,这样就能够大大有效减少耗损。人机界面功能智能对接,送料精准,操作简单,不需要工作人员一直死盯。 用途:本机适于PP带、尼龙带、松紧带等各种软带状材料裁切。 Xinlilong computer cutting machine has many advantages: Compared with other manufacturers, our research and development production time is several decades, and the experience is increasing while introducing advanced foreign technology and then upgrading. All parts of mechanical materials are strictly controlled; this machine adopts microcomputer numerical control device to set the cutting length and output. The machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and the cutter is equipped with a heating function, which can be heated and consolidated, and the cut is beautiful without burrs, so that the wear and tear can be greatly reduced. The man-machine interface function is intelligently docked, the feeding is accurate, the operation is simple, and the staff is not required to keep staring. Uses: This machine is suitable for cutting various soft strip materials such as PP belt, nylon belt and elastic band.


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